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24 Images That Influenced My Starship Designs

Hints for a Happier Life by a Hopefully Helpful Baha'i

An Introduction to the Artist

How Science Fiction Led Me to the Baha'i Faith

The Artist's Tools and Design Process

Introduction to the Spaceships of David C. Mueller

 The Artist's Favorite Inspiring Quotes

Miscellaneous Musings of a Dilettante Baha'i Scholar

 The Artist's Introduction to the Baha'i Faith

So You Want to be a Speculative Spaceship Designer?

Artist's Statement

Some Spectacular Spaceships of Science Fiction
Favorite Links

Spaceships as Personal Spiritual Symbols

Guide to Human Speculative Star-Faring Technology

Visions of Galactic Unity

"EXPLORATION CORPS" PROJECT - Inspired by Science Fiction of Arthur C. Clarke and Jack McDevitt 
Introduction to the Exploration Corps Project
Interplanetary Exploration Corps - Spaceship Endurance - 21st Century
Interstellar Exploration Corps - Starship Daybreak - 22nd Century
Interstellar Exploration Corps - Starship Inquiry - 23rd Century
Galactic Exploration Corps - Starships  Leviathan and LeGuin - 24th Century
Galactic Exploration Corps - Starships Depths of Dream and Dawn of Discovery - 26th Century
Nimrithi Starships - Aliens Encountered in 23rd and 24th Centuries
"STAR VESSELS" PROJECT - Inspired by Science Fiction Gaming Art of 1970's - 1990's 
Introduction to the Star Vessels Project
Star Vessels - Gallery 1 - Exploratory Starships
Star Vessels - Gallery 2 - Military Starships
Star Vessels - Gallery 3 - Miscellaneous Starships
Star Vessels - Gallery 4 - Space Station and Miscellaneous Smallcraft
"GALACTIC TRAVELERS" PROJECT - Inspired by Science Fiction of E.B. Cole 
Introduction to the Galactic Travelers Project
Category 5 Galactic Traveler E.B. Cole - Small Human / T'lar Starship
Category 6 Galactic Traveler Olaf Stapledon - Medium Human / T'lar Starship
Category 7 Galactic Traveler Core of Curiosity - Medium Human / T'lar Starship
Category 8 Galactic Traveler Radiant Dawn - Large Human / T'lar Starship
Category 7 Galactic Traveler Glory of Gladness -Medium Human / T'lar Starship
Category 9 Galactic Traveler Extents of Imagination - Large Human  / T'lar Starship
Galactic Nexus Nahfen-Kroyjenol - Huge Multi-Sentient-Species Star-Faring Habitat
Introduction to the Deep Space Exploration Group Project - Update WIP
Deep Space Explorer Aquarius
Deep Space Explorer Inspiration - Update WIP
Deep Space Exploration Group - Alien Starships
"SPACE OPERA PROJECT" - Inspired by "Star Wars" and "Battlestar Galactica"
Introduction to the Space Opera Project
Starships and Smallcraft of the Humanasol League Fleet
Starships and Smallcraft of the Klolodian Imperial Starfleet
Starships and Smallcraft of the Kruegarian Protectorate Starfleet
Starships and Smallcraft of the Ventronian Interstellar Consolidation Fleet
Commonwealth of Sol Starships 
Federation Commonwealth Class Explorer with Full Set of Color Deck Plans - About Half Done
Federation Community Class Explorer - Tribute to John DeBonniare
Federation Starship Kruger
Federation Venerable Class Long Range Explorer - Includes Full Set of Deck Plans
Miscellaneous Federation Starships 

Starship Commonwealth - "Federation Style Star Trek" Inspired Starship Design -13 New Images
United Star Systems Exploration Cruiser DeBonnaire - Tribute to John DeBonnaire
Affirmation Station - Baha'i Temple Inspired Deep Space Station
Explorers of the Celestial Expanse - Baha'i Inspired Starship Designs 
Fantasy Human Jet Fighters
Fantasy West German Luftwaffe
Galactic Gargantuans
Interplanetary Spaceliner Odyssey
Interstellar Explorer Mueller

Interstellar Transport Goliath
Large Exploration Vehicle Imagination
New Unity Community Center - Design for a Small Baha'i Community Center
Radiance Village - 22nd Century Residential Tower inspired by an Arcology Design by Paolo Soleri
Sample Images from David C. Mueller Archives
Serenity Temple - Design for a Futuristic Baha'i House of Worship
Star Battleship Derzarkia - "HomeWorld" Inspired Capital Ship

Star Battleship Gewaltikh - "Star Wars" Inspired Capital Ship 
Star Cruiser Gundalpia
Starship Colossus
Star Dreadnought Verzetoy - "Star Wars" Based Capital Ship
Starship Karokh - Deck Plans for a Small Exploratory Starship

Starship Observant Survey Vessel and Starship Audacious Exploration Cruiser
Starship Revelation - Work In Progress
Tribute to the Starships of Jeff Robb - Fellow Spaceship Artist 
Tribute to the Starships of Various Artists - Designs by Famous Spaceship Artists
War Machines of the Spoyans - Jet Fighters and Aircraft Carriers

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